SafePassages proudly offers Unique Remembrance Products including Made in the USA Maple Wood Urns and a complimentary wood engraved Paw Print with every private (individual) cremation.

Compassionate, Affordable and Eco-Conscious Pet Cremation

  • Competitive Rates – We guarantee the lowest rates
  • Safe and Compassionate Pickup in as Little as 1 – 2 Hours
  • Our Drivers will Drive to your Home or Vet Office
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Plan a Cremation

SafePassages Pet Cremation offers Pet Parents the return of cremains within 72 hours, and our standard package includes a hand-crafted, made in America maple box, tree planted in the pet’s memory (and more).


Expedited pickup services available in most service areas in Florida.

Why SafePassages

Questions to ask when choosing a cremation provider and the SafePassages difference.

Concierge Service

For the discerning dog or cat, SafePassages offers the ultimate Signature Memorial.

Safe Passages offers Veterinary Partners Superior Service AND Significant Savings that Benefit Your Practice

  • Complimentary Pickup from your Practice— No Service Fees
  • Family Owned and Operated

Compassion AND

SafePassages’ founding team carefully considered the environmental impact of the cremation process and worked with our equipment manufacturer to do a redesign on the cremation units such that they achieve the lowest emission thresholds in the industry.

SPPC also is proud to partner with a wood manufacturing company that produces beautiful Made In America boxes for the pet’s cremains. For every box they produce, our partner then plants a tree in loving memory of the pet.

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Pet Memorial

Even a Simple Cremation can be Exceptional.

When you choose cremation, you have many options for commemorating the special life of a loved one. Upgraded Urns, Eco Scattering Tubes, and other memorial and Keepsake items are also available.

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About Us

We are More than
Peace of Mind

SafePassages Pet cremation is independently owned, and proudly operates the largest and most environmentally conscious pet cremation facility in North America.

We are Pet Parents, and saw a need for a compassionate and transparent cremation alternative. SafePassages offers individual and communal pet cremation for dogs, cats, and exotics, and now offering individual cremation for horses. Concierge “white glove” services also offered for the most discerning Pet Parents.

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