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Expert Equine Cremation Services in Florida

Our founders are not only pet parents, but are also equine enthusiasts. We understand the need for a compassionate cremation offering for horse owners, and made the investment into a large cremation unit for exactly this purpose.

When horses are euthanized, the drugs that are administered seep into the ground that the next generation of horses, and their humans, live on. We believe cremation is an eco-conscious and compassionate alternative, and we are humbled to offer this service to the equine community.


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Why Choose Safe Passages for your Equine Needs?

SafePassages operates one of the largest private pet cremation facilities in the state of Florida and is one of only 3 crematoriums that offers compassionate and private equine cremation.  As horse enthusiasts and pet parents, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to your beloved friend, and we are humbled to ensure their “Safe Passage” as they cross over the rainbow bridge.