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We are humbled to support our Pet and Equine Parents as their animal family member crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. Let us know how we can assist you.

Feel free to ask us anything.

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Our Mission

SafePassages believes the passing of a pet should be met with compassion, transparency, and accountability.

A team of professionals from a range of industries, and of equal importance, Pet Parents ourselves, we understand the value of transparency and delivering on our promise to the partners and Pet Parents we serve.

Our Team

Bryan Roth

General Partner

SafePassages Pet Cremation
& Inciner8-USA

Margo Siewert

President &
General Partner

SafePassages Pet Cremation
& Inciner8-USA

Chris Haake

Vice President of Operations &
Corporate Partnerships

SafePassages Pet Cremation
& Inciner8-USA

Matt Noland

Director of Warehouse & Logistics

SafePassages Pet Cremation

Justin Marion

Director of Compliance

SafePassages Pet Cremation

Bryce Thompson

Investor Relations

SafePassages Pet Cremation
& Inciner8-USA

Why Choose Cremation?

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, as defined in Chapter 62-701.520(5), Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), and Chapter 823.041, Florida Statutes (F.S.), recommends cremation as the preferred method of disposal of deceased animals, including euthanized animals.

Although animals may be buried in most counties, the DEP states the animal must be “buried at least two feet below the surface of the ground and above the water table.”

Consider this – if you dig a hole in your southwest Florida backyard before long you’ll hit water. That’s the area scientists call the “water table,” which is a contributor to our aquifers… which is where our drinking water comes from.

SafePassages’ parent company owns the distribution rights to clean-burning cremation and incineration technology. For Equipment sales, please contact

Rainbow Bridge

It is said that there is a special heaven for our precious pets,
and to get there, they will cross the rainbow bridge:

“You came into my heart one day,
So beautiful and smart.
My dear and sweet companion,
I loved you from the start.

And though I knew the time would come,
When we would have to part,
You’ll never be forgotten,
For you left Pawprints on my heart.

— Author Unknown